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Efficycle MAP2K14

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving...

Automotives have always been a touchstone of a society’s progress. Starting from Penny Farthings to Rudolf’s Diesel engines and the present day Hybrid’s, there has been an abundance of overturning technologies everyday that eclipse each other. SAENIS in a similar endeavour presents a new Milestone in the realm of “Green Technology” – SAE EffiCycle. This competition, conceptualized by two young engineers and started in 2010 , is held for undergraduate and graduate students aimed to design, simulate and fabricate a highly efficient human powered vehicle that’s Aerodynamic and Ergonomically stable. The internet is all about “Green Technology”, “Go Green slogans”, Go “Green products”, “Go Green quotes”, “Go Green blogs”, “Go Green facts”, “Think green”, “Act Green”, “Shop Green”, “Read Green”, “Green Entrepreneurs”, “Green Glossary”, “Green Events” and the maximum that we do?? Read the “Go Green” slogans, blogs, quotes, facts, articles, events Every fourth such blog is on environment, the first few being love, romance and what not Osama or Obama…

Conserving our planet transcends race, gender, ethnicity, religion and political orientation. It is the one characteristic we share, we reside on this planet and the need to cooperate to preserve her is not as voluntary as it may seem, it is, as said, our last resort. It is the one hope for future that can unite us. SAEINDIA EffiCycle’14 is one such initiative of its kind. Effi-Cycle encourages students to devise technologies that would lay the foundation for the future.

The Human Powered Vehicle would cater to the day-to-day mobility needs of people, also at the same time would embark upon the idea of fuel conservation. The purpose for the initiation of such an event can be accounted to providing an opportunity for engineering students to set up a trend of using eco-friendly vehicles in India and pioneering the creation of innovative designs. The dire need to tackle real world engineering problems, working in multidisciplinary teams, practicing design for manufacturability and managing a full product development cycle of life has made the essence of the event worth the rebellious spirit of competition.